To our dear customers, we are currently on vacation. We will not be able to answer our phone and voicemail but you can contact us via Yelp, Facebook and Instagram. We will open again on Friday, December 1st. Thank You



Hinata is a Japanese restaurant in San Francisco's Van Ness district specializing in Omakase, a ordering style where the chef chooses the most surprising and innovative eating experience for the customer.


Hinata means "sunny place" in Japanese.


When you are at our restaurant we want you to feel as though you are relaxing on a nice sunny day.


We use the highest quality ingredients in our sushi. Nearly all of our fish is special ordered from the famous Tsujiki Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. Every piece is meticulously cut and prepared Traditionally.


Weida is an experienced sushi chef from famous Japanese restaurants such as Sushi Ran, Ijji, and Tazaki Sushi. He was the assistant to Sushi Ran's Executive Chef, Takatoshi Toshi, who placed top 3 at the Global Sushi Challenge in Tokyo, Japan.

Gavin is a chef passionate about sushi and was trained by Chef Roger Chong at Zushi Puzzle in San Francisco. He worked with Jiro Lin during a sushi pop-up at Saison, an experience that revolutionized his view on sushi.

Master is a young and passionate sushi chef from Roka Akor. His high standard training has made him humble and decisive.

Our chefs use their experience to provide the purest Omakase experience. Stop by our restaurant soon!